UNCOVERING THE FORGOTTEN ROMAN TOWN OF VENTA ICENORUM Venta Icenorum (market place of the Iceni) was once the Roman capital of Norfolk, England, over 1700 years ago. It was a large and lively market town surrounded by high walls with its own local government, trade and Roman/Briton-style entertainment. In factContinue Reading

Tradition versus the historical origins of one of the Roman Empire’s most famous city. For over two thousand years the questions behind the true origins of the famous city of Rome, seat of emperors and the world’s most famous empire, has fuelled the imaginations of both its resident’s and peoplesContinue Reading

roman assassin

GREAT ROMAN ASSASSINS Ruling emperors, despite their dictatorial rights of rule, had many enemies. Discover the emperors whose lives ended in assassination. Discover the assassins who changed Roman history. Throughout Roman history the assassin was in a sense the ombudsman of the ancient world, sometimes the front man for aContinue Reading